RICIE Subscriptions

Types of Subscriptions

RICIE offers three types of subscription to the Catylist system:

  • Basic CIE Service – users with Basis access rights are limited to adding listings and reporting on active RICIE properties
  • Full CIE Service – users with Full access rights may take advantage of all features found within the Catylist system
  • Administrator Access – users with Administrator access rights have the ability to add/edit listings belonging to the entire office

The chart below illustrates what features of Catylist are available to the various access types:

Create catalogs, property alerts & reports checkmark checkmark checkmark
Access to RICIE Member active listings checkmark checkmark
Access to all active listings (syndicated/non-member) checkmark
Access to off-market listings checkmark
Add / Edit listings checkmark checkmark
View listings in RICIE from other Catylist systems checkmark
Add / Edit listings of an entire office checkmark
Listings are syndicated to other Catylist & partnering sites checkmark
Can send and receive broadcast emails checkmark
Access to market statistics checkmark
Full access using the mobile application checkmark
Limited access using the mobile application checkmark checkmark
Displays in membership lists checkmark checkmark
Syndicates basic and/or full listing details to RILivingCommercial.com checkmark checkmark
Displays full listing and contact details on RILivingCommercial.com checkmark