What You Need To Know About the Move to Matrix

The upcoming installation of Matrix reflects the first major MLS system conversion for State-Wide MLS in a number of years.  As this migration will have a significant and positive effect on you and your clients, the information below was created as a resource for you to better understand what you can expect from the move to the most powerful MLS system available today!

Please check back here often as information regarding conversion, training and FAQs will be updated frequently.

Why the change to Matrix

Although Fusion has been a stable and reliable solution for a number of years, it’s a dated platform that can’t support the technical updates needed to address the demands of today’s real estate professionals and their clients.

Conversion timeline

Here are the important dates and upcoming milestones you need to know:

November 17 – MLS Advisory Group begins beta test of Matrix
Representatives from each Local Board and various specialties will be guiding staff in the customization and functional testing of the new system.

December 6 – Matrix becomes available to all State-Wide MLS users and training begins
Matrix and Fusion will begin to run in parallel at this time, however listing add/edit will only be functional in Fusion. Matrix will be updated with the most current listing data and photos via Fusion every fifteen minutes.

User training will start the week of December 5 and continue throughout the transitional period. Seminar-type classes will be held in various locations around the state, with hands-on classes soon to follow near the completion of the conversion.

January 30 – Listing input and edit will be activated in Matrix
Since only one system can be used to modify our listing database, the listing input/edit function will transition from Fusion to Matrix on this date.

January 31 – Fusion taken off-line
The transitional period ends and Matrix becomes our single online multiple listing system.

Key features & benefits

Matrix is arguably the most powerful and feature-rich system now available in the industry. Developed by CoreLogic, the architects of Fusion as well, Matrix includes the same trusted technology, but with the modern features and benefits required by today’s real estate professionals, including:

  • Speed – Maximum speed is central to the Matrix product philosophy. Built for performance from the ground up, the optimized system architecture and efficient workflow allows you to search, email, and operate the system as fast as possible – you’ll soon see for yourself how fast the system responds to even the most complex queries.
  • Cross-platform Use – Matrix will be accessible from all popular web browsers, operating systems and platforms, providing the versatility demanded by today’s real estate community. Use Matrix from your PC- or Mac-based desktop, laptop, or tablet, including Apple® Mac® and iPad™ products.  For maximum efficiency on the go, you will be able to access the full Matrix system on your web-enabled iPad or tablet. If you would prefer to access Matrix on your smart phone, you can access the full version or the more efficient mobile version.
  • More information and photos – Matrix will include “green” fields and values, the ability to add up to 40 listing images and 1500 characters in Remarks.  Additionally, listing reports will be dynamic – meaning that empty and partially filled fields will automatically compress the reports, making for a more consistent and efficient look.
  • Schedule showings online – State-Wide MLS has partnered with Showing Suite to provide you with an integrated online showing appointment scheduling and feedback tool directly within Matrix.  With this state of the art application, you can schedule a showing with the click of a link or via a simple text message. The fully automated system will then call or text all the involved parties to confirm the appointment, saving you time and improving your efficiency by lowering your cost of operation.
  • Speed Bar – It’s not just about system speed – the Matrix Speed Bar allows you to perform Google-like searches in Matrix. From listing records and tax records, to agents and search shortcuts, the Speed Bar dramatically reduces the time required to perform searches.
  • Saved search history – The Search History feature in Matrix is a terrific time-saving feature that is perfect for when you are busy serving multiple clients at once. Running a previous search is as simple as a single mouse click. Matrix automatically saves your recent searches—complete with a date/time stamp and the number of results—and displays them in a list conveniently located near the top of each page.
  • Listing cart – The cart functionality in Matrix offers you greater listing management control and provides a tidy way to work with multiple clients while navigating the multiple listing system. You can drop listings into any client’s cart from virtually anywhere in the program, and then easily view, email, map or print the listings at your convenience.
  • Client Portal – The Client Portal in Matrix provides you with private web pages for clients that will help you improve client collaboration. The Client Portal lets you personally brand the information delivered to each individual buyer or seller.  Using the Portal’s split screen technology, your clients can more effectively manage listings by visually identifying where they are located on the map. The Portal also serves as a powerful communication tool by allowing your clients to categorize listings according to their level of interest, as well as log conversation notes between you and them.  Your clients can further customize their Portal experience by creating and saving searches of their own.  Matrix then provides you with detailed client activity and Portal usage statistics.
  • Concierge – The Concierge feature in Matrix offers a variety of options when it comes to automatically e-mailing listings to your clients. The “concierge” feature lets you view and approve listings before sending them. After being notified of new matches, you can approve or decline listings that meet your clients search criteria. The concierge style of email management provides greater control over listing data distribution, ultimately fostering higher client interest and satisfaction.

User training

Regardless of what advanced features a new system may have, if users are unable to accomplish even a simple task due to a lack of quality training, the conversion will not be successful. Since Matrix user training is so important, we’re creating a flexible program to ensure that everyone can receive the instruction they need at their convenience and through their preferred learning environment.

  • Seminar classes – Starting on December 6th, a team of instructors will be holding seminar-style classes at various locations within our market area.  These free 2-3 hour classes will take users through an in-depth overview of Matrix, with the focus being practical training on those modules and processes you need to conduct your everyday business.
  • Hands-on classes – In addition to the seminar classes that will guide users to a basic understanding of the functionality found in Matrix, advanced hands-on training events will also be held.  These smaller, more comprehensive sessions will provide the user with innovative instruction on the robust tools found within our new system.
  • Webinars – From the comfort of your home or office, users will be able to attend remote training events that cover the basic functions of Matrix.   Guided by our knowledgeable instructors, these online classes provide a convenient way to learn how to successfully navigate Matrix when attending a class in person may be a challenge.
  • Pre-recorded online training – Can’t find time to attend a live Matrix class or need to brush up on using a neat new module you saw during a previous seminar?  Soon, a library of short, online training snippets will be available to quickly show you how to perform both basic and advanced Matrix functions.

View the Matrix training class calendar and register on-line for classes

How will information be converted?

What will be moved automatically:

  • The majority of listing content and custom data entered by users now found in Fusion will be automatically moved to Matrix prior to the December 6th launch, including:
  • Active & off-market listings (except for most active CII, CIL and BUS listings – see “Commercial listings and Matrix” below)
  • Listing photos
  • Documents attached to listings
  • Saved searches
  • Contacts (not all values however – see below)

What will NOT be moved from Fusion to Matrix

When moving from one platform to another, every effort is made to migrate the largest amount of content possible. Unfortunately, in some cases the new technology simply can’t import data that is no longer part of the new system’s design. The following user-based content will not be automatically migrated into Matrix:

  • Active Category 7 – Commercial Industry Lease listings (see more information below)
  • Active Category 6 – Business Only Listings
  • Active Category 5 – Commercial Investment/Industrial listings, except for 5+ Unit Multifamily properties and Mixed-use properties (see more information below)
  • Custom reports
  • Custom search result grids
  • The following fields found in a Contact’s record:
    • a) Contact Information section
      • Status
      • Pager
      • Partner’s First Name and Last Name
      • Mailing Label
      • Other Phone 1
      • Other Phone 2
    • b) Summary Comments
      • Work Address section – No fields from this section are being migrated
      • Other Address section – No fields from this section are being migrated
      • Tracking Information section – No fields from this section are being migrated
      • Notes
      • Contact’s Preferences – No fields from this section are being migrated
      • Contact’s Personal Information – No fields from this section are being migrated

Commercial listings and Matrix

When State-Wide MLS launched the Rhode Island Commercial Information Exchange (RICIE) in 2013, its purpose was to provide those working in the commercial real estate market with specialized research and marketing tools just as MLS has delivered to residential practitioners for many years.

Now that RICIE (and its “Catylist” system) has established itself as the premier commercial property resource in our marketplace, MLS leadership decided that it would be beneficial to our users and their clients to no longer run parallel MLS and RICIE commercial listing databases. Therefore, with the move to Matrix, the MLS system will no longer support the management of most commercial property records.

Frequently Asked Questions regarding Matrix and RICIE:

What exactly is happening with the three existing commercial property types?

When Matrix launches, the Commercial Industrial/Investment (Category 5 – CII), Business Only (Category 6 – BUS) and Commercial Lease (Category 7 – CIL) property types will be replaced with a new “Commercial Multifamily/Mixed-Use” (CMM) category. Additionally, only 5+ unit multifamily and mixed-use commercial property types will be accepted into Matrix. All other commercial listings will need to be entered into the RICIE system instead.

When Matrix launches, will all of the commercial listings be deleted?

No. First, all existing off-market CII and CIL listing records will remain in MLS for historical purposes. Second, any active Category 5 – CII listing that’s either a 5+ unit multifamily dwelling or a mixed-use property will be automatically moved to Matrix as a Commercial Multifamily/Mixed-Use listing.

However, please recognize that active Category 5 – CII listings that are not either a 5+ unit multifamily dwelling or mixed-use property, along with all active Category 6 – Business Only and Category 7 – CIL Commercial Lease properties will not be included in Matrix.

Will my active commercial listings now in Fusion be exported to RICIE?

No. Since the fields and values can be significantly different in the two systems, active listing data cannot be automatically and accurately imported into RICIE from MLS.

When should I start adding my MLS commercial listings to RICIE?

Since RICIE will offer MLS users an improved platform for the marketing of their commercial properties, you are encouraged to enter those listings into RICIE as soon as you can and definitely well before the January 31, 2017 transition deadline.

How much does it cost to join RICIE?

For existing MLS subscribers, “Basic” access to RICIE is free. For those who want to use the complete RICIE system, including access to the system’s research tools and listing syndication features, “Full” access is $50/month. >> Learn more about the different types of RICIE access

What are the benefits of RICIE over MLS/Matrix?

The Catylist platform that RICIE uses is the most popular and powerful commercial listing system in the industry. Built specifically for the commercial marketplace, the Catylist system has the distinct features, functions and tools that are needed by commercial real estate specialists.

Additionally, RICIE syndicates its data to over 40 commercial real estate-specific websites and online locations nationally – including CommerceRI (the state of Rhode Island’s EDC portal) and a number of local municipality EDC websites – ensuring that your available commercial properties have more exposure than was ever possible using Fusion.

Finally, with a new version of our official consumer portal, RILiving.com, scheduled to be released in early 2017, the data export tools found in RICIE will enable your active commercial inventory to finally be displayed to potential clients on this trusted resource.

Does my entire office need to join RICIE?

No. Unlike MLS service, users can simply subscribe to RICIE on an individual basis. Further, there is no long-term commitment to either the Basic or Full membership…you can change from one to the other without penalty.

Can my broker or the commercial specialist in our office join RICIE and we just enter all the listings under his/her account?

Yes – this has been a common practice since the launch of RICIE. In this scenario, the account holder would be displayed as the Primary Agent, but he/she could add your name as a Contact.

Do my clients need to sign new listing agreements before I add their listings to RICIE and are there forms specific to RICIE?

No, you do not need to have new listing agreements signed by your sellers since RICIE is simply a product of State-Wide MLS and your clients have already authorized you to post their property into MLS (not specifically Fusion, Matrix or RICIE). Although you can still have them sign a new listing agreement, at minimum it is highly recommended that you notify your clients via an email that their property will be posted to RICIE.

For newly listed properties, there are RICIE-specific listing agreements and data forms posted to Instanet, DotLoop, zipForms and the Catylist/RICIE system.

How do I activate my RICIE account?

Simply complete and return the RICIE Subscription Form found on the “How to Join RICIE” online resource page. (Please know that, in order for a Subscriber to join RICIE, the Participant must also be a registered RICIE user. The Participant can join as “Basic” while the Subscriber joins as “Full”.)

Will there be training on how to use RICIE?

Absolutely. Not only will basic RICIE use be part of the upcoming Matrix seminar training classes, but comprehensive RICIE classes will also be held often during the Fusion to Matrix transitional period.

> View the RICIE training class calendar and register online for classes

Where can I learn more about RICIE?

Please visit our “About RICIE” resource page for more information today!

Still have questions regarding the move to Matrix? Please feel free to contact our Tech Support Help Desk at 785-9898 (select Option 3).