Bias Override: Overcoming Barriers to Fair Housing

The National Association of Realtors® (NAR) and Perception Institute have partnered together to help REALTORS® avoid implicit bias in their daily business interactions. As part of its commitment to addressing racial injustice in America, NAR has begun circulating a new 50-minute training video which offers strategies to override bias in order to convey respect, ensure fairness and improve business relationships. The video draws upon recent research to illustrate how the human brain’s automatic, instant association of stereotypes with particular groups can cause people to treat those who are different from them unfairly. Scientific evidence also suggests these biases persist despite people’s best intentions and often without conscious awareness.

To watch Bias Override: Overcoming Barriers to Fair Housing, visit:…/bias-override-overcoming-barriers…

Want to go deeper? Take the Implicit Bias test, and watch for future offerings from Perception and NAR:

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