Bring the CRE Consulting Corps to Your Community

Are you aware of an obsolete retail center, closed hospital, school or other abandoned structure in your market in need of an innovative, adaptive reuse strategy? Is your community in transition as a result of challenges that threaten its economic health and vitality: closure or relocation of a major employer or the after-effects of a catastrophic event such as flooding or fires? Is there a local church or institution with excess land it wishes to maximize? The Consulting Corps of The Counselors of Real Estate (CRE), a 67-year affiliate of the National Association of Realtors®, can help.

Should you refer an organization in your community that’s looking to repurpose or enhance its real estate assets, and the referral results in an assignment for a Consulting Corps team, YOUR LOCAL ASSOCIATION WILL RECEIVE a 20% referral fee…typically a FEW THOUSAND DOLLARS that can expand programming and networking opportunities for your members in 2021! 

The CRE Consulting Corps provides Real Estate Analysis, Objective Counsel, and Strategic Action Plans for municipalities, not-for-profit organizations, government entities, educational institutions and other owners of real property. The attachment highlights just a sample of the diverse assignments completed by the Corps on behalf of a wide array of organizations in markets nationwide. More information is available at

Please contact Samantha DeKoven, The Counselors’ Director of Public Service Initiatives, at or 312-329-8431 for more information on this unique opportunity in these unique times. By talking with Samantha, you can help us help you…and your local community by bringing a world-class team of Credentialed Real Estate Problem Solvers to your area.

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