DEM has launched two new online services.

The Office of Water Resources has launched two new online services allowing members of the public to view and print certain onsite wastewater treatment system (OWTS) [septic system] records from the RIDEM website.


These new features eliminate the need for customers to visit the Providence office in person to access these records.  OWTS records that are now available online include:


  1. Certificates of Conformance for OWTS conformed after 1990


After using the existing OWTS Permit Search (After 1990) to obtain permit information, the customer is now able to generate and print a Certificate of Conformance.  Issuance of the Certificate of Conformance is the final step in the OWTS permitting process; documenting that a system has been permitted, installed in accordance with that permit, and is approved for use.  This Certificate is needed prior to the city/ town issuing a certificate of occupancy for new construction, and prior to closing on a property transfer for any existing structure.  Approximately 1,500 systems are conformed per year.


  1. All Contents of Conformed Files for OWTS conformed before 1990 [Previously stored on microfilm.]


After searching the index for an application number using the OWTS Permit Search (Before 1990) the customer, is now able to view and print all contents of OWTS records (including the approved permit & plan, and the certificates of construction & conformance) for files conformed before 1990.  Conformed files have been permitted, installed and approved for use.  Approximately 55,400 files for OWTS located in all 39 cities and towns are available.


For more information about either of these new services, please contact Jennifer Ryan at

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