GRI (Graduated Real Estate Institute) Designation Series

Any person awarded the prestigious GRI designation must be a member of the NATIONAL ASSOCIATION OF REALTORS® and must maintain that membership to retain the designation. The GRI designation symbolizes not only completion of a course of study required by the program but also the commitment to apply that knowledge consistent with the Code of Ethics.

GRI Classes are offered on an on-going basis and not necessarily in sequence.  Make sure to register for the class you need when it is made available and listed in our online course calendar.   For information about the specific classes making up the GRI Module please visit the GRI course list below:

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Purpose of Program

The REALTOR® Institute is a national program of real estate instruction delivered by the Rhode Island Association of REALTORS® whose course of study meets the certification standards of the NATIONAL ASSOCIATION OF REALTORS®.

The course of study helps members increase their knowledge and skills in a broad array of technical subjects and in the fundamentals of real estate. It is the “How To” of Real Estate Instruction. The program also provides the opportunities to develop important business contacts.

Why you should attend

Regardless of the length of your experience in the real estate field, YOU can profit from the Institute. Each class contains a cross-section of older pros and younger, less experienced students. All have the same goal–increased proficiency in their daily practices. The associations made while attending will be life long and will expose you, along with the instruction you receive, to new and varied ideas and innovations in handling real estate, thus broadening your knowledge and ability. Each class in the GRI series is approved for CEU’s towards license renewal *Please see description of individual class for number of CEU’s.

GRI Equivalency Examinations

The Rhode Island Association of Realtors ® offers equivalency examinations for GRI 101 and 102.  An equivalency test can be taken for GRI 101 if you have been in the business one full year with a minimum of six completed transactions or by completion of a training program that is evaluated as equivalent (Two full years in the business and 12 completed transactions required for GRI 102 equivalency exam).

To take an equivalency exam please contact the RIAR Professional Development center at 401-785-9898 option 1 to make an appointment to take the exam.

Cost to take equivalency exam is $65.00 and are given at RIAR at 100 Bignall Street in Warwick.  You will be able to review the GRI 101 or 102 book for up to 1 hour prior to taking exam.   Once exam is passed it counts towards GRI designation only, no CEH’s are given for equivalency exams towards license renewal.

Completion Requirements

In order to successfully compete the GRI designation program, you must fulfill these requirements within 5 years of beginning the program.

  • Attend the FULL 90 hours of instruction including 15 hours from any of the GRI electives
  • Pass each module exam (101, 102, 201, 202, 301) with a minimum grade of 70 percent (One retake is allowed on each examination)
  • Report all completions to RIAR Professional Development (Any course that goes toward GRI that was taken elsewhere a certificate of completion needs to be provided)
  • Make payment of $15.00 GRI Designation processing fee

Once these requirements have all been met you are reported as a designee to the National Association of Realtors database and entered locally as a GRI Designee then able to use your GRI designation on all personal promotional material. A complimentary plaque and a GRI pin is then awarded to you by the Rhode Island Association of REALTORS ®.