GRI Designation FAQs

The Rhode Island Association of REALTORS is pleased to announce that the GRI program accreditation has been renewed by the National Association of REALTORS for an additional 3 years.   With this, there have been some changes to the courses making up GRI modules.

What has changed with RIAR’s 2020 GRI designation program?

  • Substituting of classes.  To boost the amount of material in topics of system and tools courses that were not part of GRI previously such as Matrix, RPR, Transaction Desk by Instanet and RPR have replaced pervious courses included in GRI.
  • Examinations are no longer required.
  • Additional elective options have been added and count retro actively.
  • Courses do not need to be taken in any order.

Started taking GRI courses that are no longer on the list?

Courses that were part of the previous GRI track will still count as GRI electives OR can be substituted.   For example, Residential Construction previously made up 3 hours of GRI-202.   If you took this course prior to October 1st 2019, you can count those three hours as part of the GRI electives (GRI-302) or substitute those three in place of one of the newly added GRI-202 module course line up.

Already completed a GRI module but have not yet completed the designation?

If you’ve already completed the courses within the previous GRI 201, 202 or 301 modules, you will still be considered as having completed the module.   If you would like to take the newly added courses to a module you’ve completed, you may do so and count those as GRI electives.

GRI must be completed within 5 years.

To earn the GRI, all courses must be taken within 5 years.   If your courses go beyond 5 years, you will need to retake (or in some cases, test out of) anything beyond the 5 year period.


Still have questions?  Contact us at and request a GRI transcript of classes you’ve taken.