Real Estate Xpedition (REX) Education Program

The Rhode Island Association of REALTORS® Professional Development Department has put together a robust curriculum aimed at giving licensees the very best training.   This program was created for licensees looking to create a foundation and provide the necessary tools to launch their real estate careers and set them apart from the peers with the start of national recognized designations as well as RIAR’s own REX certification.

What truly sets this program apart is the incorporation of national and local training, giving each licensee an in-depth knowledge of RI specific laws, forms and systems.


  • Provide a program that will assist Principal Brokers in the education and training of newly licensed or struggling associates
  • Ensure that basic elements of business are represented
  • Help create good habits that if followed, will result in sustainable productivity
  • Introduce systems of tracking progress with accountability
  • Instill confidence and pride in our profession
  • Enable members to render truly remarkable service to customers and clients.

This new training program will utilize and/or include

  • National Association of REALTORS® designation courses (ABR, PSA, GRI)
  • hands-on training courses about creating and maintaining leads/referrals
  • MLS Tools

Licensees register for any or all of the courses of their choosing providing a customizable education experience.   Course fees vary.   Classes may be taken when available in person or via live broadcast with RIAR.  



COURSE                               NAME                                                                  CEs

#528                                      Right Start                                                           18 CORE

#220                                      ABR                                                                       12 CORE

#480                                      PSA                                                                        6

GRI152                                  GRI-101                                                                15

#458                                      Matrix CMA                                                         3

TBD                                        Referrals                                                              3


515                                         RIHousing : What it Takes                               6

531                                         Referrals : Better with Technology                 3


REX Certification

Those who complete all courses will be awarded with the REX certification and this will be added to your designations locally.  Upon completion please contact:


NOTE: #515 RIHousing: What it Takes is not a required class.