After the Pre License Course…

State License Application

Once you complete the 45 hours of Sales Pre License, 3 hours of Lead Paint and passed both parts of the state examination, you are ready to complete your application for a Sales Associate Real Estate License with the RI  Department of Business Regulation

Application Fees

You will need the following checks:

  • $140.00 payable to RI General Treasurer for licenses issued on or after May 1st of even-numbered years, ($75.00 on or after May 1st of odd-numbered years).
  • $25.00 payable to Real Estate Recovery Account
  • $5.00 for a Criminal History Record (CHR) obtained from the RI Department of Attorney General
  • Errors & Omission Insurance but you will need to query your broker as each firm has different policies, fees and coverage so read it carefully! Premiums range from $0 – $500 per year, or the firm may have you pay per closed transaction.

Interviewing a Principal Broker and finding the right firm

As part of the application, all potential licensees must list (and have signed by the principal broker) the firm where they intend to hang their license.  This is a big decision and one you should carefully consider.  What support is offered?  Do they have a training and/or mentoring program?  What is your financial investment and what are your expectations?   Some of our students enter the profession knowing which brokerage they will affiliate with while others are unsure.   Students are provided with contact information for REALTOR® member firms who have interest in investing resources in new licensees and who provide you with some basic questions so you are empowered before you make a decision to sign an Independent Contract agreement.

Post Licensing Fees for REALTOR® Members

Not all licensees are REALTORS®!  If your brokerage is a member of the National Association of REALTORS® (NAR), you will need to join NAR and a local association as well.  There are five local boards in RI and you will join the one your Principal Broker belongs to.  Annual board fees range between $500 and $600+ and all have a one-time activation fee of $100. 

ONLY REALTOR® members have access to the State-Wide Multiple Listing Service (MLS).   This membership has a one-time activation fee of $100 as well as $30 per month. 

Continuing Education for Licensing

To maintain your real estate license, the State of RI mandates that you take a minimum of 24 hours of Continuing Education by April 30th of each even-numbered year.  Read more

Have questions?  Contact the RIAR Professional Development Center!

Phone: 401-785-9898 option 1

Visit in Person:  Monday – Friday, 8:15am – 5:00pm at
RI REALTORS®, 100 Bignall Street, Warwick, RI 02888

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