Broker License FAQ’s

PLEASE NOTE: Due to COVID-19, until December 31, 2020,  any RIAR class that is approved towards the broker 90 and being held as a live broadcast using zoom will count toward the broker 90.   These classes can be found highlighted in light blue on the education calendar.  Additionally, NAR’s online REALTOR University offers several NAR Designation and Certification courses that count towards the broker 90. Please click here to view a list of those specific classes and to learn more about REALTOR University.

If you have any questions, please contact



CE’s from approved broker 90 list at RIAR are valid for 4 years.

Must hold active sales persons license for 2 years

Passing exam results are valid for 1 year

NOTICE – Effective November 15th, 2019 –  Anyone taking the SALES exam or BROKER exam at Pearson VUE MUST have a copy of their certificates (45-hour certificate for Sales, 90 hour for Broker).   If you do not bring a copy of this with you to the exam, they will not allow you to sit for the exam and you will need to repay the cost of the exam to take again.


What kind of training is required to become a real estate broker?

To become a real estate broker, one must first gain experience as a real estate sales agent. In Rhode Island, as of October 2017, sales agents who have two or more years of experience in their job and want to become brokers need to pursue additional 90 hours of approved training and pass a broker licensure exam through PearsonVUE.

Can past courses taken for license renewal count towards the required 90?

Yes, if you took any of the classes in person on the approved broker course list of the RI Realtors® Professional Development Center within the past four years, either through the Professional Development Center or any educator operating under the RI REALTORS® school license.

Can I apply classes that I completed more than four years before I file a complete application with DBR?  

No.  Commercial Licensing Regulation, Section 7(C) states, “…classroom hours completed more than four (4) years from the date the application will not be considered in meeting the 90-hour requirement.

DBR calculates the period of four years from the date that a complete application is filed.

Does the 45 hour Sales Pre License count towards the 90?

No.  Commercial Licensing Regulation, Section 7(C) states, “At no time shall the forty-five (45) classroom hours used to qualify for a salesperson’s license be used to qualify for the ninety (90) hours required for a broker’s license.

How do I find how many credit hours I’ve taken in the past four years?  

If you’ve taken these classes at or through RI REALTORS®, they would appear in your education history.  RI REALTORS® members have access to this information by logging into the Gateway/Dashboard and selecting ‘Member Services’ > ‘Education Information’ > ‘Classes You Have Taken’ to view Credits and Completion dates.

The RI REALTORS® Professional Development staff is also able to assist you with this information.   Please email inquiries to  with subject: Education Transcript.

What is the Broker Pre-License course and when should I take it?

The RI REALTORS® Broker Pre-license course is a 24-hour course that prepares attendees for the broker licensure exam.   It counts for 24 hours toward the 90 required hours for broker licensure and 18 hours of CE for license renewal.   You do not need to take this course prior to taking any other electives.  There is no required order or prerequisites to any of the courses approved for the 90 required hours.  Please keep in mind, passing exam results are valid for one year.  If you do not have flexibility in your schedule to obtain the remaining 66 CE hours, we advise waiting until you have obtained the majority of those CE’s prior to taking this course.

How long will it take to obtain the required education?

Classes are offered on an ongoing basis.  The reason theRI REALTORS® Professional Development Center has requested that more than 60 courses be approved by DBR is to allow you the ability to take courses that fit your schedule.  The largest number of hours from a single course are from designation courses, certifications and basic appraisal principles.    The amount of time it takes to obtain all 90 hours depends on availability of courses and how they fit into your schedule.

What is the cost for obtaining 90 hours?

The cost of completing the 90 hours will vary based upon the courses you choose and RI REALTORS® membership status.   The RI REALTORS® Professional Development Center is able to provide a list of approved courses and a price list for both RI REALTORS® members and non-members.  Please inquire at

I’ve taken courses with similar or the same titles at other schools, how do I apply those my record at RIAR?

The approved list of courses are for RI REALTORS® only.   Because one certificate is issued for 90 hours, you must take all of the 90 hours at the school issuing the 90 hour certificate.

What National Association of Realtors Certification and Designations are approved to go toward the 90?

When taken at RI REALTORS®, the ABR, C-RETS, PSA, RENE, SRS, MRP, GRI and the RI REALTORS® Rental & Property Management certification are all approved to count toward the broker 90.

Why Earn Official NAR Designations and Certifications?

Earning a designation can help you succeed in all aspects of your business and help you earn more money. Successful licensees need to keep current on issues, technology, changing legalities, and other aspects of real estate to keep pace.  REALTORS® who pursue professional designations have a distinct competitive edge as a result of their increased expertise and marketability.

How do I take the broker licensure examination?

For information regarding taking the exam through Pearson VUE, please visit for the candidate handbook, schedule an exam, purchase practice exams, view content outlines, and more.

Who do I contact with questions about the application or specific requirements?

RI REALTORS® Professional Development staff is on hand to help answer any questions you have about RI Realtors® current offerings and/or your education history with us, however, we are not the state licensing bureau.   Please Contact the Department of Business Regulation at 401-462-9506, ext. 6 for general licensing  questions or queries pertaining to schools other than the RI Realtors® Professional Development Center.

Can I apply classes that I’ve taken online towards the 90-hour requirement for brokers?

No.  Commercial Licensing Regulation 11, Section 7 (D) states, “All prelicensing courses must be taken in a classroom, and taught by an instructor appearing in person. Online or distance education credits will not be accepted for new license applicants.”

How much work experience do I need to obtain a broker’s license?  

An applicant for a broker’s license “must also submit satisfactory proof that he or she; (i) has been engaged full time as a real estate salesperson for at least two (2) years immediately prior to the date of application.”  A salesperson’s supervising broker(s) would certify in writing as part of the application that the salesperson meets this experience requirement.

I’ve been a real estate licensee for X amount of years, do I still need to have completed 90 hours of approved broker classes within the last 4 years?

Yes.  The required 90 applies to all regardless of how many years of licensure.