Pre-License Exam Guide

State Exams for getting a Real Estate or Brokers License are done through the testing facility PearsonVue in East Providence.

Preparing for Exam

RIAR asks all students planning to take the State exam to read through the Pearson Vue Candidate Handbook which reviews how to schedule an exam with Pearson Vue, locations, exam procedures, what to bring, test center policies, exam content outlines and more.

Scheduling the Exam

All students must schedule an exam date & time and pay $70 examination fee to Pearson Vue. Visit the PearsonVue website to schedule a time and to see a list of local testing locations  or contact Pearson Vue by phone at (800) 274-8922.

Candidates are responsible for knowing all Pearson Vue regulations regarding fees and examination scheduling as presented in the Candidate Handbook.

» Pearson Vue Website for RI Real Estate

Applying for a Rhode Island Real Estate Sales Persons License

State Requirements for receiving a real estate sales persons license, instructions and application for license can be found on the here.

For more information about receiving a Real Estate Sales Persons license please visit the RI Department of Business of Regulation website or contact by phone 401-462-9645.