Pre-License Make Up Policy

$25.00 Fee for each MAKE UP class

The RI Association of Realtors and RI Department of Business Regulations require any missed class MUST be made up in order to receive a Pre-License Certificate of Completion.

Make-Up Fees will be waived due to emergency, medical or work related absences.   In these cases, documentation may be sent to the Education Department by e-mailing or faxed to 401-785-3879.

For Make-up date inquiries: Please e-mail or call the RIAR Education department directly at 401-432-6903.

It is the student’s responsibility to confirm with the RIAR Education Department a day or two prior to double check the date and class number of make-up class.  All make-up fees must be paid in full before receiving certificate of completion.  Please refer to your class syllabus to keep track of any missed classes when inquiring about make-up dates.

When Attending a Make-up Class Students MUST:

  • Legibly print and sign on make-up sheet or sign-in sheet to receive credit for taking class

For Last Make-Up Class Only

  • Contact RIAR Education Department 24 to 48 hours prior to last make-up class so that certificate can be prepared.
  • Make payment for any make-up classes:  All make-up fees required in advance of receiving certificate.

Any make up classes taken at off-site locations please contact the RIAR Education Department the day following the class to confirm your certificate will be sent out.

In the event of school closure due to Inclement Weather or Emergencies, the weather and emergency hotline can be reached at 401-432-6950.

Rev. 3/2016