About RI REALTORS® Sales Associate Pre-license Program

What Sets Our Pre-license Course Apart?

The RI REALTORS® Professional Development Center is the premier and largest real estate training school in Rhode Island.  Our office is centrally located in Warwick and we also have five satellite classrooms located throughout the state for your convenience.  Courses are also offered on various days and times to ensure that a schedule suits your needs. On an annual basis, we deliver 25-plus programs and our enrollment exceeds 1,000 students each year.  We take great pride in securing exceptionally qualified instructors so that you get the best education possible. All are active REALTOR® members and collectively they have years of expertise in various elements of our industry.

Our Professional Development staff takes pride in assisting you with any pre-license questions that you might have, but we are also very knowledgeable about every aspect of the entire process, from the classroom to obtaining a license and beyond.  We provide constant support to our members regarding post licensing education and we are happy to suggest basic, intermediate and advanced courses and programs that will help you strengthen your skill sets and enable you to reach your career goals.

Your experience when taking your Sales Pre-license course with RI REALTORS® includes:

  • A curriculum that fulfills the State of RI license requirement for 3 hours of Agency training
  • The mandatory Lead Paint course offered only to RIAR Students at a $35.00 discount
  • Access to free live Review Webinars offered every month and hosted by senior RIAR instructors. Content is solely based on questions posed by students and as such, it has no particular structure – your opportunity to get answers you want
  • Digital access to multiple practice quizzes for both the general and state portions of the course as well as additional state law handouts and various study guides
  • Discounted prices and direct access to a variety of additional study guides from Dearborn Publishing Group
  • A RI Law Book compiled by this school – up to date RI Laws for your study that will enable you to complete the RI Law exam proficiently
  • Contact information of REALTOR® member offices who are interested in associating new licensees.
  • A course called ‘What’s Next’ which is specifically designed to prepare you for what comes after the study program including many REALTOR® benefits, recommended books, videos and real estate trainers and motivators – all leading you down the pathway to success.
  • Career counseling and information on multiple continuing education programs, courses and seminars that are aimed at launching, maintaining and growing your real estate practice by helping you establish your career goals.


The Education Pre-licensing Process and Fees

Step 1:  Register and complete 45 hours of Sales Pre-license

Step 2:  Complete a one-time, three-hour Lead Paint Hazard class, $30 for RI REALTOR® students, otherwise $65.

Step 3:  Schedule your exam with Pearson VUE either by phone (1-800-274-8922) or online http://www.pearsonvue.com/ri/realestate/  There are two exams, a general test and a state test.  The cost for both exams, taken simultaneously, is $70.

Interviewing a Principal Broker and finding the right firm

This is a big decision and one you should carefully consider.  What support is offered?  Do they have a training and/or mentoring program?  What is your financial investment and what are your expectations?   Some of our students enter the profession knowing which brokerage they will affiliate with while others are unsure.   We will help you with contact information for REALTOR® member firms who have interest in investing resources in new licensees and who provide you with some basic questions and a scoring sheet so you are empowered before you make a decision to sign an Independent Contract agreement.

Step 4: License Application and Related Fees

Now you are ready to complete your application for a Sales Associate Real Estate License with the RI  Department of Business Regulation.   You will need the following checks:

  • $140.00 payable to RI General Treasurer for licenses issued on or after May 1st of even-numbered years, ($75.00 on or after May 1st of odd-numbered years). This includes the $10 application fee
  • $25.00 payable to Real Estate Recovery Account (one time)
  • $5.00 for a Criminal History Record (CHR) obtained from the RI Department of Attorney General
  • Errors & Omission Insurance but you will need to query your broker as each firm has different policies, fees and coverage so read it carefully! Premiums range from $0 – $500 per year, or the firm may have you pay per closed transaction.

Post Licensing Fees for REALTOR® Members

Not all licensees are REALTORS®!  If your brokerage is a member of the National Association of REALTORS® (NAR), you will need to join NAR and a local association as well.  There are five local boards in RI and you will join the one your Principal Broker belongs to.  Annual board fees (1/1 thru 12/31) range between $500 and $600+ and all have a one-time activation fee of $100.  If you join after 1-1, then your fee will be pro-rated.

A note of caution:  The local board will know when your license was activated and will typically charge you from that month regardless of when you sign your Independent Contractor agreement with your brokerage. The annual fee is split into three elements and a portion remains with the local association, some goes to the state association and the remainder goes to the National Association.  Your invoice will tell you the amounts.

We also encourage you to contribute to the REALTOR® Political Action Committee as these funds are used to ensure that our industry is represented and protected in Congress and local government.

ONLY REALTOR® members have access to the State-Wide Multiple Listing Service (MLS).   This membership has a one-time activation fee of $100 as well as $30 per month.  Ask your broker if you pay directly or if they have an alternate plan in place.

Continuing Education for Licensing

To maintain your real estate license, the State of RI mandates that you take a minimum of 24 hours of Continuing Education by April 30th of each even-numbered year.   Of the 24, a minimum of six hours have to be CORE (not every course qualifies).  Continuing education not only increases your knowledge and skills, it improves your earnings potential and enhances your opportunities to achieve success.  How far you advance in your real estate career is up to you but please know that the RI REALTORS® Professional Development Center offers most of NAR’s special designations and certification programs in order to help you differentiate yourself from the competition.   Interested in representing buyers only?  Earn an Accredited Buyers Representative (ABR) designation.   Want to price property efficiently?  Then Pricing Strategy Specialist (PSA) is for you!  Are environmental issues your thing?  Earn the Green (GREEN) Designation and show your clients that you care about the world we live in.  Thinking about future development of a team? Certified Real Estate Team Specialist (C-RETS) is a comprehensive and valuable program that covers all aspects of being a growth-centric agent, team leader, principal broker and/or broker manager.

Whatever your passion, know that we are here to assist you and have a full array of education and development programs so you can excel in this wonderful opportunity in the real estate profession.

Have questions?  Contact the RIAR Professional Development Center!

Phone: 401-785-9898 option 1

Email: education@riliving.com

Visit in Person:  Monday – Friday, 8:15am – 5:00pm at the RI Association of Realtors, 100 Bignall Street, Warwick, RI 02888

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