FIRE Series

What is the FIRE Series?

The FIRE series program covers 8 major focus topics that are important for all Real Estate Licensees should know including real estate forms, home financing, how to represent a buyer, understanding the purchase and sales agreement, improving your negotiating skills, spotting the red flags in home inspections, risk management and fundamentals of contract law.

Who is the FIRE Series For?

Whether you are new to the field of Real Estate or just looking for a review, these courses are designed to increase your knowledge.

The FIRE series includes 24 hours of CE credits needed for license renewal including the minimum requirement of 2 CORE credits.   Classes may be taken individually for 3 credits each.   RIAR Members may register on-line and save $5 PER class.    Non Members should contact RIAR Education at 401-785-9898 option 1 to register.


Classes in the FIRE Series:

#505 Real Estate Form

A complete overview of the Real Estate forms available for use by today’s real estate professional. Learn when, how and why to use them!

#502 Home Financing

What every real estate professional should know about home financing…what is involved and what you need to know to better represent your buyers and sellers.

#501 The Buyers Agent

Buyer representation requires a great deal more than just showing properties and writing an offer! How best to truly represent a buyer.

#46 Home Inspection

What to expect in a home inspection and what are some of the red flags you, as a real estate professional, should be on the lookout for.

#504 Negotiating the Purchase and Sales

A fundamental course dealing with areas of the transaction where negotiating can take place starting with the offer, signing of the purchase and sales agreement, inspections through to the closing…and how you can improve your skills.

#503 Risk Management

Understanding and how to avoid the risks associated with misrepresentation, antitrust violations, Fair Housing legislation, environmental issues and the unauthorized practice of law.

#44 Contract Law

Learn the fundamentals of contract law in order to best represent your clients!  What’s the difference between and valid and invalid contract?  When is a contract accepted?…and other fine points.

#390 RI Purchase & Sales Agreement

A section by section review of the purchase and sales agreement…what it means and what the ramifications are.


For any questions about the FIRE series, please contact the RAIR Education Department at 401-785-9898 option 1 or visit us in the lobby of RIAR at the education window Monday – Friday from 8:30am – 5pm.