Forms Changes to RIAR Sales Disclosure – Coming Soon

The Rhode Island Association of REALTORS® has approved the following to the RIAR Real Estate Sales Disclosure form.  Watch Instanet or your online forms provider for these form changes.

RIAR Forms

▪Real Estate Sales Disclosure (REVISIONS): 

4.  Wood/Coal/Gas/Pellet Stove:  Adds an option for a pellet stove.

5.  Heating System:  Asks whether the seller is aware of any defects in the heating system.

6.  Underground Storage Tank:  Adds questions about whether an underground storage tank is leased, and whether a tank that is no longer in use has been filled or removed.

8.  Plumbing:   Adds checkboxes for different types of plumbing and asks whether the seller is aware of any defects in the plumbing.

9. Electrical Services:   Asks whether the seller is aware of any defects in the electrical system.

14. Water System:   Adds a question about whether the property has a whole house filtration systemwhether the system is leased, and what the amount and term of the lease are.

20. Property Restrictions:  Adds checkboxes for types of property restrictions.

28.  Lead Contamination:   Updates the lead language to quote state law verbatim.

31.  Mold: Added specific questions about mold.

Changes:  Reminds sellers to update the disclosure form if any changes occurred after they originally completed and signed the disclosure.

Questions?  Please contact the RIAR Legal Department at 401-432-6945 or email

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