Important announcement from State-Wide Multiple Listing Service regarding the East Side of Providence

Please be advised that effective September 1st, 2021, State-Wide MLS will be removing “East Side of Providence” from the city list in Matrix.  


The East Side of Providence is not a city or town.  Often, East Side listings are misplaced on real estate search sites because they are incorrectly labeled as being in the city of East Side of Providence.  Many times, to address this, subscribers end up entering listings twice, once in East Side of Providence and again in Providence.  This leads to a second problem of duplication of listings which artificially inflates inventory, creates problems for third-party data consumers who are forced to remove duplicate listing content, and diminishes the integrity of MLS data overall.

In addition, the events of the past year have highlighted several issues regarding Fair Housing. The East Side of Providence is an area within the City of Providence and yet, it is the only area to appear on the city list.  As an advocate for Fair Housing, State-Wide MLS is re-evaluating its policies to ensure that consumers in all municipalities receive equal information.  Thus, all cities and towns in the MLS list of Rhode Island municipalities should reflect only true cities and towns with distinct, recognized boundaries.

What happens to listings currently in East Side of Providence?

On September 1st, State-Wide MLS will automatically move listings of all statuses, including Active, Sold, etc., from East Side of Providence to Providence.  However, if the listing is in Matrix twice, thus already appearing in Providence, we will eliminate the duplicate listing.

How do I distinguish listings on the East Side of Providence?

As with other Rhode Island cities and towns, you can add specific location information in Remarks or you can add language to the Neighborhood field to note that the listing is in the East Side of Providence area. When using this field, you can then provide more specific information regarding the location. For example: “East Side of Providence, College Hill”.  Additionally, it is important that you use the correct zip codes for your listings in so that properties can be found by searching zip codes as well.


If you have any questions, please reach out to John Breault, Vice President of MLS at or 401.432.6925.