Introducing Client Engage — New from Remine

With Client Engage, you can provide your clients with more robust and accurate data than they can get from anywhere else, and it keeps you at the center of their transaction! Use Remine to collaborate with your clients more efficiently with a modern, invitation-only search experience. 

Client Engage adds the following new features for agents*:

Client Invite: Invite your contacts to Remine and provide them with the best search experience in the business. When they register, you are their default sponsor agent.

Client Portal: You now have your own agent website for your clients. You can include this portal in your email footer to expand your digital footprint and lead capture.

Engage CRM: Engage is now a premium CRM tool that monitors client activity and provides modern workflows, such as preparing clients’ CMAs.

New UI: Improved navigation with more filters. FYI, notifications were moved to Track.

Saved Search: Get alerts about the latest MLS data for you and your clients.

Scheduling Tours: Your clients can request property tours with you directly from listings.

Chat: You can now chat with clients as well as agents.

Add Valuation: Add your own pricing estimates for prospects to see and engage with you. 

Remine Mobile: Give your clients the most powerful mobile search. Download on the App Store or on Google Play.

*Client activities are dependent on which plan the agent is on. All users, regardless of plan, can create a homepage, save searches, and invite clients.

Simply Powerful. Simply Connecting. Simply Engaging.  Provide your clients with the best and win more business! Log in today to get started! 

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