Introducing HomeVisit – A Better Way to Market Your Listings



HomeVisit by CoreLogic is now available in Matrix and Realist!

We are pleased to announce that HomeVisit is now available through Matrix! With a single click, you can order and upload property imagery and market your listings directly from your Matrix workflow.

  1. Transform your tours and print marketing with stunning photographs captured at ultra-high resolution
  2. Put buyers inside your listings with virtual showing services including 3D modeling, video walkthroughs and single-property websites.
  3. Design and send beautiful post cards, brochures and flyers to prospects that you farm in Matrix

Join the HomeVisit team for a webinar Wednesday at 11 AM to learn more about the tools available and how you can get started! Register Here

Give it a try and see how HomeVisit can make your life easier – and take 25% off your first order with the code RIS25!

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