Incentives for Landlords Through R.I.’s Housing Now Campaign

The State of R.I. Office of Housing and Community Development has emergency rapid re-housing vouchers that will guarantee rental income to landlords. Tenants pay 30 percent of their income toward rent to the landlord and the vouchers pay the difference of the total rent, directly to the landlord.  The vouchers are available now to rapidly rehouse individuals and families who are living in congregate shelters.

There are specific financial benefits for landlords: 

  • Guaranteed rental income is not dependent on the tenants’ income fluctuating – an individual pays 30% of their monthly income and the rest is guaranteed.
  • A $2000 bonus for the first unit and a $500 bonus for each additional participating unit.
  • Up to $2000 for move-in upgrades like minor renovations and repairs.
  • First and last month’s rent.
  • Housing Retention services, which means fewer vacancies and less turnover.
  • Assistance in bringing units to code.
  • Service providers who can assist with screening to ensure a good fit and help solve any potential issues.

This is a real opportunity for landlords to do the right thing and help their fellow Rhode Islanders, but also get some economic security during these unprecedented times.  With that in mind, the Housing Now Campaign is challenging landlords to pledge at least 100 rental units by July 1. Units in the cities and areas close to public transportation are particularly desirable. They should be ready to rent immediately and be able to meet housing quality standards. If you are a landlord with one or more units to pledge, please call 211 and ask for the housing assistance line today.

This is the info 211 will collect:

  1. Landlord Contact Information: (Full name, phone number and email address)
  2. Unit(s) information:
  • Where is the vacant unit located? (Street address and city/town)
  • How many bedrooms are in the unit?
  • Are utilities included in the rent?
  • (Monthly) Rent Amount? (Response should be the total rent requested, per month)
  • Is the unit handicap accessible?
  1. Confirmation that the unit is vacant and ready for a late June move-in date.

When finished,  someone will contact you within 2 business days to follow-up.


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Robert saran
Robert saran

I need help paying my rent my landlord not only raising my rent but security deposit also during covid 19 and house has serious problems he wont refusing to fix my wife and I have no where to go no family and our animals please help

Gianna dorsey
Gianna dorsey

I am in desperate need of a place I went through a divorce I am currently homeless and pregnant please help

Jesse Lennox
Jesse Lennox

I’m a landlord with one unit available
Units located at 90 Waltham st Pawtucket
1 bedroom $795 a month tenant pays there own utilities non included
Includes 1 parking spot
It is not handicap accessible

Terence Souza
Terence Souza

How can someone find out about renting an apt?


Hi Jesse, If you have a unit available, please dial 211, ask for the housing assistance line and provide the details of your unit. Someone will get back to you within a few days.


Hi Gianna.. if you are in need of a rental unit, please call 211 and ask for housing assistance. They will be able to match you with available units.


Hi Terence…if you are in need of a rental unit, please call 211 and ask for housing assistance. They will be able to match you with available units.