Ethics Complaints

REALTORS® are required to comply with the REALTOR® Code of Ethics.  If you wish to file a Complaint, regarding a possible violation of one or more of the Articles of the Code of Ethics, please review the following information.

Please review the following documents that pertain to ethics complaints:

If the parties involved in the proceeding (Complainant and Respondent) belong to the same Member Board, the ethics complaint should be filed at that Member Board. To file this complaint, please obtain an Ethics Complaint Form from the applicable Member Board.

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When an ethics complaint involves two (2) or more REALTORS® from different Member Boards, who are involved in the same transaction as Respondents, the complaint should be filed at the Rhode Island Association of REALTORS®.  This allows for consolidation of the complaint and eliminates the need for the Complainant to attend multiple hearings at different Member Boards.

If you have questions please contact Heather Setters – or Monica Staaf –