Joining State-Wide MLS

Prerequisites & Fees

Prerequisite: The principal/manager of the firm must have a brokers license or Appraisal license and be a REALTOR® member of:

– A Local Board of REALTORS®
– The National Association of REALTORS®, Inc.

When membership dues are paid to your Local Board of REALTORS®, your Local Board will submit a portion of said dues to your State Association, a portion to the National Association and retain a portion of said dues for Local Board operating expenses, etc. Therefore, by paying membership dues to your Local Board of REALTORS®, you have also paid membership dues to your State Association and N.A.R.

Membership Fees

One-time Office Application Fee $200.00
Branch Office Application Fee $100.00
One-time Agent Activation Fee $100.00
Monthly Office Dues $40.00
Monthly Agent Dues $30.00
Monthly Administrator Fee $15.00

Reinstatement Fees

Reinstatement fee (within 6 months) $100.00
Reinstatement fee (after 6 months) $200.00
Branch office Reinstatement fee $100.00

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