Office Administrators

Joining MLS as an Office Administrator or Agent/Team Assistant

Monthly Fee: $15.00/mo
One-Time Activation: $100.00
*First time members only*

Download/Print Office Admin Affidavit Form (PDF)

A broker can designate an office administrator/assistant to have full access to view, update and add listings to their office inventory or limited access to an individual agent’s  or team’s  listings.
MLS requires that the broker submit The Office Admin Affidavit, authorizing the type of access the Office Administrator will have.  The admin will be notified by email with their MLS login credentials.  For Agent/Team Assistants, instructions on identity sharing will be included with their ID and Password.  Please make sure the email address provided is a valid and working email address.

The Office Admin Affidavit can be faxed to the MLS Customer Service department at 401-941-5320 or e-mailed directly to

If you do not receive your MLS ID and password within 48 hours (excluding weekends) of submitting the Admin Affidavit Form, please call MLS Customer Service at 401-785-9898 option 2.

PLEASE NOTE: If a non-licensed administrator obtains their Real Estate license, MLS must be notified by the Broker of the office by submitting the Subscriber Authorization Form (Marked as New Licensee) and the Administrator must sign Subscriber Agreement form. The administrator will retain their previously issued MLS ID but will no longer have full office access unless authorized by the broker on the agreement form.

To Disaffiliate

It is the obligation of the broker to inform MLS immediately in writing when an administrator is no longer employed by or affiliated with their office.  To disaffiliate an administrator at any time, a letter can be faxed (401-941-5320) or e-mailed to