Member Disaffiliation

REMINDER FOR PRINCIPAL BROKERS:  The Real Estate Division of the Rhode Island Department of Business Regulation MUST be notified of the Affiliation or Disaffiliation of any Real Estate Licensee or any change to Licensee Status such as non-renewal of any member.

Subscriber Authorization Form is required for all Licensees disaffiliating from office.

Download/Print Subscriber Authorization Form (PDF)

All MLS Membership Forms or Inquiries can be faxed to MLS Customer Service at 401-941-5320 or e-mailed directly to  If you have any questions regarding the transferring or disaffiliation of a licensee please contact MLS Customer Service at 401-785-9898 Option 2.

Disaffiliating Licensee:

  • Subscriber Authorization form signed by Principal Broker/Office Manager

MLS will inactivate the licensee and monthly billing upon receipt of the required form (Subscriber Authorization Form) signed by Principal Broker/Manager. The current month will be credited if notice is received before the 7th day of that month. MLS cannot issue credit for prior months.  Failure to notify DBR of licensee Disaffiliation could result in assessment of back MLS Fees and $100.00 fine to Broker.

Disaffiliating Team:

A letter signed by Team Leader OR e-mail from Team Leader is required. MLS will inactivate Team ID and monthly billing. Team Codes can be re-activated for no additional fee at any time.

Disaffiliating Administrator or Agent/Team Assistant:

It is the obligation of the broker to inform MLS immediately in writing when an administrator is no longer employed by or affiliated with their office. To Disaffiliate an Administrator or Assistant, a letter signed by Principal Broker/Office manager OR Subscriber Authorization form marked as a disaffiliate must be submitted to MLS. Please specify date of disaffiliation to avoid early termination.

Disaffiliating as Office:

Letter from Principal Broker is required stating that the office is resigning from MLS and the effective date.

For more information on disaffiliating, reactivating or transferring, please contact MLS Customer Service at 401-785-9898 (Option 2).