MLS TIP: Are you listing a new property into “Coming Soon”?

If you’re listing a new property into “Coming Soon” in Matrix, please refer to this checklist first:

  • Do you have a listing agreement executed with the seller(s)? If you are using the MLS Listing Agreement,  complete paragraph 5 with the expected active date.
  • Do you have the Coming Soon form completed and signed?
  • The listing must be entered into “Coming Soon” in Matrix within 24 hours of the listing/effective date. Showing a property while it is in “coming soon” status is a violation of MLS Rules and can result in a fine of up to $1,000 per offense to the listing broker 
  • Did you upload the Coming Soon Form as an attachment to the listing immediately after receiving the listing number. The Listing Broker must “attach” this completed form to the listing in the MLS System upon entry as “Coming Soon” status.  For late filing of the Coming Soon Submission form, the fine is $100 per day!
  • Do you have photos to add to the listing? An exterior photo is required within 7 days.   Interior photos may be added as well.
  • Any changes to the Expected Active date must be initialed by the seller(s) and attached to the listing.

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