Coming Soon Listings – FAQ’s

What type of status is “Coming Soon”?

“Coming Soon” is considered an off-market status.


Who can view a “Coming Soon” listing?

All members of State-Wide MLS can view and search for “Coming Soon” listings.


When entering a listing as “Coming Soon”, will I need to complete all required fields?

Yes.  Since “Coming Soon” will eventually be converted to an active listing, it must meet the requirements of submitting an active listing.


Will there be any special restrictions regarding searching, printing, emailing, CMA’s or exporting for this status? 

The only restriction on “Coming Soon” listings is that they will not be available for exporting from Matrix, which includes availability for IDX display and on syndicated consumer sites like until the listing changes to ACTIVE status.


Will there be any new fields that will need to be completed for a “Coming Soon” listing?

There is one new field called “Expected Active Date” that will be required to complete a “Coming Soon” listing.


Are there any special requirements to the “Expected Active Date” fields?

Yes, the “Expected Active Date” must meet the following conditions:

  • It must be greater than the listing contract date.
  • It must be less than the expiration date.
  • It cannot be greater than 30 days beyond the listing contract date.
  • Days on market will be calculated from the “Expected Active Date”, not the listing contract date.
  • Once a “Coming Soon” listing is changed to active, the “Expected Active Date” cannot be modified.


Can the “Expected Active Date” be modified before the “Coming Soon” listing goes active?

Yes, the “Expected Active Date” can be changed provided the date does not exceed 30 days from the listing contract date and it is not changed to less than the current date.


Who can modify a “Coming Soon” listing?

You will have the same edit permissions that are available to you now.

  • Agents can modify their own listings.
  • Office Administrators can modify the office’s listing.
  • Head brokers can modify the firm’s listings.


Can a listing agent/office broker change the status from “Coming Soon” to any other status?

Yes, they can change a “Coming Soon” listing to active or withdrawn.


What happens when the “Coming Soon” listing reaches its maturity date?

When a “Coming Soon” listing reaches the “Expected Active Date”, the listing will be automatically changed to active.


Will “Coming Soon” listings require a photo? 

Yes, at least one (1) photo is required upon entry into “Coming Soon” status, in accordance with MLS Rule and Regulations – Section 6.5 Physical Depictions Submitted to the MLS.


Are “Coming Soon” listings expected to be included in market reports?

Yes, “Coming Soon” listings will be included in Market Reports.


Are “Coming Soon” listings expected to show on hotsheets?

Yes, Coming soon listings will be included in hotsheets.


Can “Coming Soon” listings display in the public portal?

Yes, “Coming Soon” listings will be allowed on the client portal.


Will “Coming Soon” listings have listing history recorded?

Yes, “Coming Soon” status will be part of the history.