Non-MLS Listings


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Submitting a Non-MLS Listing

All Non-MLS listings must be reported to State-Wide MLS by completing the Notice of Exempted Listing form and must be accompanied by a listing contract (not MLS’ Exclusive Right to Sell contract) within 24 hours of signature dates.

Requirements for submission include:

  • ALL fields must be completed on the Notice of Exempt Listing Form
  • Fax or email the Exempt form with a copy of the signed listing contract to MLS. Fax: 401-941-5320 or email:
  • Listings must be reported to MLS within 24 hours of signature dates
  • The MLS Exclusive Right to Sell contract CANNOT be used in its current form as it states that the listing will be disseminated to the members via Fusion and other websites on the internet. An office listing contract or a standard listing contract may be used.
  • Non-MLS Exempt listings will expire on their expiration date and be removed from the Non-MLS Postings.
  • A fine of $25 will be assessed for each incomplete field or for failure to send the listing contract with the Exempt Form.