Paperless Billing

Attention MLS Broker, Appraiser Participants, and Administrative staff!!!

MLS can deliver an electronic version of your monthly office billing statement directly to your email inbox as a secure PDF attachment. You may opt to have your office manager receive a copy of the statement by submitting an Office Manager Authorization Form to Lauren in MLS billing. E-Bills will contain a link to the Participants online account via the MLS Gateway, where all or select invoices may be paid by credit card or electronic check.

Frequently Asked Questions About E-Billing

What if I do not have or want an email address published in the system and want to receive my bill by mail?

Please contact Lauren in MLS billing at 401-432-6930

Will all the agents/appraisers in my office receive their own e-bill?

No. Only MLS Broker/Appraiser Participants will receive an office e-bill. Members will be notified through MLS “Message of the Day” when monthly invoices have been posted to their online accounts and may be paid. MLS members who are currently signed up for MLS Direct Pay will have their MLS monthly fees paid automatically and will receive an emailed receipt for their payment. If their payment was not successful, that will be indicated on the receipt. Members not on MLS Direct Pay may still pay their own fees by credit card or electronic check from their online account or issue a paper check to MLS for that month. Member invoices paid before the 8th will not be billed to the office.

Can a copy of the e-bill be sent to my office manager or billing administrator?

Yes, the MLS Broker/Appraiser Participant can request a copied e-bill along with online access to the Office Account by submitting the MLS Office Administrator Authorization form to Lauren in MLS billing.

When will I receive the office e-bill?

MLS will email office statements on or about the 8th of each month. The office will be billed for any members in their office whose invoices were not paid by the 8th.

Will MLS still accept paper checks and honor current payment arrangements?

Yes, MLS will continue to process checks by mail and manual credit card payments. If your payment is mailed, please indicate your office code on the check for proper posting.

If my agent is on Direct Pay why is their invoice billed on my office statement?

The member’s credit card may have expired, been changed or payment may have been refused by the card issuer. The member should call Lauren in MLS billing to update their payment information