Emailing Photos to MLS

You can submit photos to MLS either via an e-mail attachment to or mailed to MLS (attention: Photos). Once received, the file (where applicable) becomes the property of State-Wide MLS. Please be sure to include within the e-mail or on the back of the photo the MLS number, property address and the listing agent’s office code.

Recommended Photo Format

When submitting photos, either to the MLS Photo Department or directly input into the Fusion system, please keep in mind that the photos you submit will be exported to various web sites over the internet, including and

To ensure that your listings are viewed correctly via all internet sites, we highly recommend the following:

  • Photos should be in JPEG format (.jpg)
  • Photos should be COLORED (not black & white)
  • Photo orientation should be landscape (See example below)
  • For best results, photos should be no larger than 1024 pixels wide by 768 pixels high.


Recommended Photo File Name

When emailing your photos to the MLS Photo Department, we recommend naming the photo files with the MLS number of the property. If submitting additional photos (no cost), please add a suffix to the MLS# to designate order. For example:

123456_1.jpg (main photo)
123456_2.jpg (first supplement photo)
123456_3.jpg (second supplement photo)

Confirmation of Receipt

Members sending photos via e-mail will receive a return message acknowledging delivery.

Photo Enhancements

Due to the volume of listing photos received by MLS on a daily basis, digital images cannot be enhanced by MLS staff. All photos received in digital format will be entered “as is”.

Please remember, all existing MLS rules and regulations regarding the submittal and formatting of listing photos still apply. Non-conforming e-photos will be returned.

Contact the Photo Department at MLS Customer Service at 401-785-9898 x 6922 for more information on listing photos.