DataMaster For Appraisers

DataMaster, an optional application created exclusively for appraisers, is arguably the most popular MLS and public data import tool available.  Along with importing data directly to appraisal reports, DataMaster can also add market trend graphs, has options to add customized field text, generates the 1004MC, and much more.  DataMaster features include:

MLS Data Integration
DataMaster’s data extraction process results in much richer data than is available to the common export files available to the appraiser MLS member.

Public Records Import
One of the more powerful features of DataMaster is the ability to import both MLS and public records data at the same time.

Exception Reports
After importing selected data, both data sets are compared and an exception report is created, highlighting any differences.  Appraisers can now simply decide which data source to use based upon which source provides the most complete and accurate values.

Robust Graphs & Charts
DataMaster produces 16 easy-to-understand graphs that will support trend analysis and assist appraisers in providing documentation for that analysis.

User Customization
With DataMaster, appraisers can customize each field so that it will appear on their reports in a format they want it to appear…every time.

Automated 1004MC
DataMaster will use selected data and create the 1004MC in a matter of seconds, complete with data specific comments.

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