Fusion, the next generation edition of our existing MLXchange system, launched on December 4th 2012 with a new MLS interface that provides a fast, fun and easy MLS experience that emphasizes search multi-tasking, agent/client collaboration, home page personalization and more! Fusion runs on a wide range of computer operating systems and browsers, including Apple Mac OS, Apple Safari, Microsoft Internet Explorer, Google Chrome and Mozilla Firefox.

A list of written guides and how to use FUSION’s various functions along with access to the on-line training manual.  To access these log into the MarketLinx AnswerLink Support Central and click on ‘Tutorials and Videos’.

By clicking you will see a list of FUSION tutorials.

New Features

Fusion offers many exciting and innovative Web 2.0-style features, including:

  • Multi-tasking – the ability to edit multiple listings, run multiple searches, etc. at the same time
  • Three-way integration between Search Results, Mapping and Images
  • Easy-to-use map shape drawing tools, points of interest and informative overlays
  • Demographic content and charts
  • Reverse prospecting
  • Uploading multiple images for a single listing simultaneously
  • An image editor with rotation, brightness and contrast controls

Add Your Rentals

Along with the new efficiencies that Fusion brings to Members, contained in this release will be the long-awaited inclusion of rental properties in MLS! Beginning on December 4th, Members will have the option to submit their available rental listings to MLS via Fusion and MLXchange. Along with the addition of this new property category, respective MLS rental forms and contracts will also be made available to those who work in the rental market. Further, MLS will introduce “SafeRent”, an independent on-line resident screening service provided by CoreLogic, which will help your landlord clients evaluate the risk of potential tenants.

Fusion Live Training

For those already experienced in the use of MLXchange, Fusion will seem very similar yet much more intuitive and robust than its predecessor. However, regardless of your familiarity, all Members can benefit from attending the free Basic Fusion Hands-On Class at MLS