Property Panorama

pp_logoInstaView from Property Panorama now provides free listing photo slideshows for all active listings in the MLS database.  Using the first 5 listing photos, InstaView automatically creates a slide show tour, complete with background music and property description using the content found in the listing’s Remarks field and enters that tour web address into the Virtual Tour Link field of Fusion.

For those who may wish to upgrade to the Enhanced InstaView Portfolio tour, this upgrade can be licensed for:

  • $1.99 Per Month/Per Listing
  • $9.99 Per Month for all of your listings
  • $109.89 Per Year for all of your listings – a savings of one month

Some of the highlighted features of the Enhanced InstaView Portfolio include:

  • You don’t have to make virtual tours, they are created instantly
  • Unlimited photos and panoramas
  • Tours are updated and synced with the MLS every hour
  • Compatible with all mobile devices, including, iPad, iPhone, Droid, etc.
  • Automatically converted to a video and uploaded to YouTube
  • Fully customizable viewer where you can easily change every element
  • Upload your own music and voice over
  • Easily share your virtual tour on social media sites and
  • Fully Branded to the Agent and Company

InstaView FAQs:

(1) What if I don’t want to have the free InstaView slideshow tours added to my listings?
Simply select “no” in the “Create InstaView Tour” field in Fusion and an InstaView slideshow will not be created for your listing

(2) I prefer to use my own virtual tour provider instead of InstaView, so what happens to the InstaView link that’s already automatically posted in MLS?
As you’ll still submit your own virtual tours for posting by MLS staff as before, once your virtual tour is added to Fusion, your tour’s address will overwrite the InstaView link, leaving your link as the only accessible tour.

(3) I already have a virtual tour posted on my listing in MLS – will it be overwritten by InstaView?
No.  InstaView slideshow links will not be added to a listing in MLS if another virtual tour link is already present.


For more information on InstaView…

(a) visit the Property Panorama InstaView dashboard in Fusion (select “Resources” > “SmartLinks” > “Property Panorama”)

(b) contact Property Panorama Monday – Friday  9:00am – 5:00pm EST
Phone: (440)290-2200  Opt. 3