Tenant Screening with CoreLogic’s SafeRent/

CoreLogic SafeRent/ is a leading resident screening provider representing almost 6 million apartment units. SafeRent provides on-demand products for large apartment owners and operators, as well as smaller landlords and individual owners, with screening services for one rental or a large property with over 500 units.

SafeRent provides comprehensive data about evictions, address history, criminal and additional proprietary sources, helping Members evaluate the risk of a tenant and make a quick decision to fill a rental property.

Resident Screening
Selecting the best applicants means predicting if applicants can and will pay the rent. SafeRent provides public landlord-tenant court records, specific to rental housing payments, helping to select the applicants who are most likely to fulfill their lease obligation. This extensive tenant rental information is not typically available on traditional credit reports, yet has proven to be a leading indicator of future rental payment behavior. For landlords with less than 100 units, offers an online solution that incorporates most of the services offered to large apartment complexes.

Criminal Screening
With coverage in 50 states, SafeRent offers comprehensive criminal search services. SafeRent uses this data to provide real bottom-line benefits to Members and their clients. SafeRent’s criminal search services integrate with its screening services, providing Members with information about felony, misdemeanor, and sex offender public records. Criminal history public record searches are available at the multi-state, state, and/or county levels.

Scoring & Analytics
Developed with the goal of improving the net operating income (NOI) of properties, Registry ScorePLUS is an outcome-based scoring model that provides a score indicating the risk of lease performance associated with each application. SafeRent’s Lease Performance Analytics solution helps Members optimize acceptance scores, understand applicant traffic and calculate an appropriate deposit. In addition, SafeRent offers analytic services to help multifamily property owners analyze market position, assess property values, and determine profit-enhancing opportunities.

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