MLS Penalties & Fines

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MLS Reinstatement Fee for Offices Suspended for Non-Payment

First Reinstatement $100.00
Second Reinstatement $250.00
Third Reinstatement (Within a Calendar Year) $500.00

Photo Fines

7 Day Fine – Applied when “Realtor Submit photo” is not submitted within 7 days. $50.00
Submitting a Property Photo w/ Agent or Office Branding
(Increases $50 for each subsequent offense)
$50.00 1st offense

$100.00 2nd offense

Inappropriate/Indecent Photo Upload $2,500
Failure to submit at least one exterior photo for all property categories except Vacant Land $25.00
For submitting photos previously entered into the Service by another agent or agency without written permission from the photos original owner/licensee. $50.00 per offense

IDX Fines

Data Posting Violation $500.00 per occurrence
Unauthorized Use (as described in Section 14 of MLS Rules and Regulations) $500.00 per occurrence
Site Registration Violation $50.00 per occurrence
Not posting the required fields, logos and/or disclaimers $50.00 per occurrence
Not updating the listing content every seven (7) days / not posting last update date $50.00 per occurrence
Not properly displaying the listing office name $50.00 per occurrence

Listing/Membership Fines

Failure to report to MLS, all licensees in office $100.00 ea. + back billing
Giving Out Agent ID & Password to Unauthorized Users
(including non-members & clients)
$1,000 per offense
Showing Properties during the Deferred Showing or Coming Soon Period   

Warning – 1st offense
$500.00 – 2nd offense
$1,000.00 – 3rd offense
30 Day Suspension of MLS Privileges 4th offense
(Violations are considered in a 24-month rolling period)

Failure to File a Deferred Showing Form or Coming Soon Form When Listing is Reported to MLS $100 per day to be capped at $500 for 1st offense Escalating fine structure applies)
Reporting Late Listings $100.00 per day
Reporting Late Price Changes $25.00 for 1-5 days
$5 per day thereafter
Reporting Late Pendings $25.00 for 1-5 days
$5 per day thereafter
Reporting Late Off-Markets (deal-fell, withdrawal) $25.00 for 1-5 days
$5 per day thereafter
Reporting Late Off-Markets (deal-fell, withdrawal) $25.00 for 1-5 days $5 per day thereafter
Reporting Late Closings $25.00 for 1-5 days
$5 per day thereafter
Reporting Late Changes in Listing Contract $25.00 for 1-5 days
$5 per day thereafter
Incomplete or incorrect Listing Contract $25.00 per item
Incorrect listing date or expiration date entered $50.00
Incomplete Listings – Required Keywords & Features $3.00 per item
Entering Promotional Information in Remarks Section $50.00 per offense
For Failure to Report “terms of sale” in Remarks Section $50.00 per day
Reporting Incorrect selling and/or off market information $25.00
For any extended listing, extended without sellers’ signature $100.00 per offense
For Failure to provide MLS with requested documentation
within allotted time
$100.00 per day
For Failure to express clearly, compensation offered to
selling broker and buyers broker
Inaccurate “Broker Assisted Sale” Sold Information $100.00
Rules & Regulations Violation – for fines not specified
(Lag policy may apply if violation is not rectified)
$50.00 per violation
For reporting a listing to MLS without the seller(s) signatures $1,000.00 per offense And report licensee to DBR
For advertising another broker’s listings without permission of the listing broker $100.00 per incident


Updated: 5/3/2018