Web/Data Services

Now more than ever before, today’s consumer expects their real estate professional to have a presence on the Internet. Since there are probably as many different web service providers in the marketplace as there are methods to reach the modern buyer or seller, how to get started is certainly overwhelming.

In an effort to help you maximize the effect and efficiency that technology can bring to your business, State-Wide MLS offers a wide variety of web-based products and services outside of the core MLS on-line system.

Internet Data Exchange (IDX)

Internet Data Exchange or IDX is part of a larger National Association of REALTORS objective of empowering the Member to deal with the real estate consumer of the future. This entire program is focused on the fundamental ability of Members to post active MLS listing data on their web sites.

State-Wide MLS is cooperating fully with the NAR mandate by creating services that will: 1) permit brokers to fully market their services on the Internet; 2) permit the brokerage community to take advantage of the data brokers have contributed to the system; and 3) permit brokers to obtain and maintain first contact with the consumer in the real estate transaction.

Even if you do not presently have a web site or never intend to, you and your clients can still participate in IDX, so you need to understand the essentials of this program as it impacts every Member, every listing and every perspective homebuyer and homeseller.

Offices and Memebers can participate in IDX simply by choosing “Y” in the IDX field in Matrix.

Virtual Office Website (VOW)

Acknowledging the significant marketing benefits brought to the real estate industry with the creation of on-line property searching nearly a decade ago, VOWs (Virtual Office Websites) enable Members to leverage the Internet for more than just the advertising of their listings and services. Typical in-office brokerage functions like showing appointment scheduling, form completion, pricing comparisons and market analysis can be effectively presented to a client on-line using a VOW.

Regardless of a Member’s desire to operate their brokerage business on-line, all licensees must be familiar with the VOW policies as they define the seller’s choices on how their property’s information will appear on the Internet.