New Appraisal for REALTORS® Series

Aimed to bridge the gap between the REALTOR® and the appraiser, these new classes open the door to a discussion of the various elements that should be considered when pricing property. Each class is worth two continuing education credits for real estate licensees.

June 8, 1-3 pm #890
Gross Rental Multiplier
Misunderstood, unappreciated and underutilized. The Gross Rental Multiplier (GRM) can be a very VALUABLE valuation tool. The GRM looks at the investment return on a property and how that income indicates value.

June 8, 3–5 pm #893
Understanding Neighborhoods
This course examines the culture, environment, geography, and other factors that constitute a neighborhood. All neighborhoods are different. Recognizing why and how will assist the REALTOR® and appraiser in making the correct valuation and marketing decisions.

June 15 1–3 pm #891
Real Estate Macroeconomics & Microeconomics
Mack meets Mike. “Do world economics affect Rhode Island and vice versa? This class emphasizes the “big picture” – macroeconomics, and the “little picture” – microeconomics, and how they affect Rhode Island real estate.

June 15 3–5 pm #892
The Real Estate Economics
This course covers “the Magnificent Seven.” the economic laws governing real estate. Students will gain a clearer understanding of the seven most important economic laws affecting real estate.

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