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New Policies for Deferred Showings

Are  you unable to show a property because it’s being painted?  Do you need to delay showings because the staging won’t be completed for a few more days?  Does the seller want you to debut the property at this weekend’s open house?

The new “Deferred Showing” policy allows you to responsibly serve your client’s needs and cooperate ethically with fellow MLS subscribers.   

Recognizing the ever-changing demands of today’s clients and that MLS rules need to evolve so that subscribers can meet their needs accordingly, the Board of Directors recently approved a change to our policies related to delayed showings.

From the recommendations of a task force assigned to review listing and showing policy, new rules and related documentation were created to allow for “Deferred Showings”.  A Deferred Showing is new active listing that, at the Seller’s request, cannot be shown until a specific date, for up to but not more than seven (7) calendar days from the listing date.

The complete policy can be found below:


Deferred Showings –  If, at the seller(s) request, an active listing reported to MLS cannot be shown until a specific date, up to but not more than seven (7) calendar days from the listing date, the seller(s) and listing broker shall execute a Deferred Showing Form and file with the MLS at the time of listing entry.  The listing broker shall indicate “Yes” in the “Deferred Showing” field and shall specify the deferred date and time when the property will be available for showing, in accordance with the Deferred Showing Form, in the “Showing Instructions” field in MLS.

a.  A Deferred Showing form is only required if the property is not available for showing within 48 hours of listing date.

b.  If a listing has been filed with a deferred showing date, neither the listing firm, other real estate firms, nor any real estate licensee can show the property to prospective buyers or tenants or to any other real estate broker or salesperson until the deferred date and time

Frequently asked questions about Deferred Showings:

If my seller requests 48-hour notice for showings, do I need to provide them the Deferred Showing Form to sign?

No, a Deferred Showing Form is only required if showings are being delayed over 48 hours, and up to 7 days. The required 24 or 48-hour notice must be noted in the Showing Instructions field.


Can my seller delay showings on their property until the open house on the weekend?

Yes, if it is within 7 days of the listing date. Example of details added to the Showing Instructions field – First showing will be held at the Open House on __________ from 1:00 – 3:00 pm.


When am I required to file/attach the Deferred Showing Form to my listing?

The Deferred Showing Form must be filed/attached when the listing is entered into Matrix and a listing number is assigned.


How do I file the Deferred Showing Form with MLS once it is signed by the sellers?

  1. The form is to be uploaded to the listing as an attachment in Matrix.
  2. Go to Add/Edit and select the listing from the “quick modify” drop down list or just enter the ML#
  3. Click “Manage Supplements”
  4. Enter a supplement description
  5. Click the browse button, navigate to the folder where the form is saved, select it and click “open”
  6. In the Supplement Type drop-down list select “Deferred Showing”


Is there a fine for filing the Deferred Showing Form late?

Yes, the fine is $100 per day for late filing.


Is there a fine for showing the property during the deferred period?

Yes, there is an escalating fine after the first offense. The fines can range between $500 and $1000 as well as a possible 30-day suspension of MLS privileges.


What if I have a listing that can’t be shown for over seven days?

New “Coming Soon” listing procedures will be will be released and noticed to members in about 4 to 6 weeks. Before the new procedures and policies are in place, if you execute a listing contract and the seller requests a delay in showings for more than 7 days,  you can follow the current procedure of filing a NON-MLS Exempt Form for the period that the property is not being shown.    Your listing contract must reflect the entire term of the listing, with a notice in Additional Provisions that the property will not be shown until a specific date.  The Non-MLS Exempt form will reflect just the time that the property will remain unavailable.  At the end of the Non-MLS period, the listing will expire and the listing can be input into Matrix and available for showing.


Where can I find the Deferred Showing Form?

The Deferred Showing form is now available on dotloop and will be available soon on Instanet and ZipLogix. Until then, this form can be found on by selecting “MLS” from the top menu, then choosing “MLS Listing Input Forms” or by visiting this link.

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