Online “Bargain” = A Failed Smoke/CO Inspection?

Are you planning to buy a new smoke or carbon monoxide detector for a home or rental property that you own or have listed? NOT SO FAST! The type that you buy can mean the difference between a passed or failed inspection.

Some detectors do not meet fire safety code requirements in the state of Rhode Island and the rest of the country– even though these products may be legal in other countries. Recently, four properties failed a fire safety inspection in West Warwick alone because someone mistakenly purchased an unapproved detector online.

Before buying a fire safety product, make sure to research whether fire safety products are approved. Otherwise, today’s bargain could be tomorrow’s failed inspection.

Want to know whether a smoke or CO detector is a dud in Rhode Island? See below for more information, including photos, from the West Warwick Fire Department. The requirements apply statewide – not just in West Warwick.

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