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Our Commitment To Protecting Your Data

The Rhode Island Association of REALTORS® and State-Wide MLS have recently taken important steps to address challenges that are prevalent in our entire industry – that of data security and high risk user behavior. As we’re applying new technology to reduce the occurrence of data misuse, we want to share information about this initiative with you, our Members.

Many years ago, RIAR and State-Wide MLS made it possible for you to access our systems from any computer with Internet connectivity. As a result, your ability to communicate with clients increased ten-fold. However, with this convenient method of access comes a big challenge –protecting the valuable listing and client data found in these systems from misuse and theft.

On April 1st, RIAR/MLS will be implementing a proven security technology offered by Clareity Security, a well-respected real estate technology company specializing in improved security, revenue assurance, and expense management. The SafeMLS™ PLUS risk management-based authentication system combines advanced analytics and a zero-footprint solution to accurately identify and remediate, accounts at higher risk for sharing and unauthorized access. Most importantly, SafeMLS™ Plus is completely transparent to Members – as long as Members are in compliance with the operating rules – and runs silently in the background.

In addition to an improved security posture that ensures valuable data doesn’t end up compromised, Members also have the benefit of revenue assurance – assuring that everyone using RIAR/MLS’ services are participating in the cost of providing those services.

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