REALTOR® Champions Win in 2016 Elections Across Rhode Island

November 17, 2016… During 2016, Rhode Island REALTORS® were active in building relationships with legislators who are committed to supporting our legislative agenda at the State House and throughout local government. As a result, last week’s election proved to be a big win for Rhode Island REALTORS® at all levels of government.

The investment made in our REALTOR® champions was a testament to your commitment in securing a winning strategy. Last week’s election results will surely help our members strengthen Rhode Island’s real estate market while protecting private property rights.

In all, Rhode Island’s REALTOR® Party invested $13,600 in 18 candidates for the House and 9 for the Senate, winning 93 percent of its races. Additionally, the REALTOR® Party won both of its congressional races by supporting Jim Langevin (D) and David Cicilline (D), two strong real estate advocates in Washington, D.C.

In addition to state and federal races, RPAC investments also backed several local candidates. Among them were REALTOR® champions who are themselves REALTORS®, including Bryant Da Cruz (D), councilman-elect from South Kingstown and Councilman Patrick Murray (R) from Narragansett who won reelection. Congratulations to our member REALTOR® champions in local government!

Finally, did you miss the postelection webinar from NAR? You can still learn about the impact of the election on the federal level of government and the impact the results will have on our REALTOR® agenda in Washington by watching the video.  NAR Chief Lobbyist Jerry Giovaniello and NAR political consultant Doug Sosnik join the discussion and explain what the election results mean to your business.

—- By David A. Salvatore, RIAR Government Affairs Director

Supported candidates who won in the 2016 election


David Cicilline (D) – Congressional District 1
Jim Langevin (D) – Congressional District 2

Rhode Island House of Representatives

Nicholas Mattiello (D) – District 15
Julie Casimiro (D) – District 31
Mia Ackerman (D) – District 45
Joseph Almeida (D) – District 12
Cale Keable (D) – District 47
Brian Patrick Kennedy (RIAR Member) – District 38
Kenneth Marshall (D) – District 68
Thomas Winfield (D) – District 53
Raymond Johnson (D) – District 61
Michael Morin (D) – District 49
Daniel McKiernan (D) – District 7
Stephen Casey (D) – District 50
William O’Brien (D) – District 54
Carol McEntee (D) – District 33
Robert Craven (D) – District 32
Samuel Azzinaro (D) – District 37
Marvin Abney (D) – District 73
Grace Diaz (D) (RIAR Member) – District 11

Rhode Island Senate

Theresa Paiva-Weed (D) – District 13
Dominick Ruggerio (D) – District 4
Roger Picard (D) – District 20
Dennis Algiere (R) – District 38
Frank Lombardi – District 26
Stephen Archambault (D) – District 22
Daniel Daponte (D) – District 14
Michael McCaffrey (D) – District 29

City / Town Council

Bryant Da Cruz (D) (RIAR Member)
Patrick Murray (R) – Non-Partisan (RIAR Member)

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