Common Renewal FAQs

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RI Education requirements for renewal:   A minimum of 6 CORE CEs and 18 Elective CEs for a total of 24 (classes that count towards CORE are indicated on the RIAR education calendar descriptions).

Please refer to the RI Department of Business Regulations elicensing renewal FAQ for technical questions regarding renewing online.


What time period is the 2020 renewal?
To count towards license renewal, you must have obtained 24 CEs (of which 6 are CORE) between May 1st, 2018 and April 30th, 2020.   Due to COVID-19 the license renewal deadline has been extended to May 31, 2020.   View the memo from RI Department of Business Regulations here.

NOTE: If you take a course in May, 2020 the credits can count toward the current renewal cycle ending May 31, 2020 or the next one, (May 1, 2020 – April 30, 2020) but not both. No course completion can be counted twice. Please submit the credits/course to the cycle for which you want it applied. Please keep records of your submissions.


What about Code of Ethics?
Code of Ethics is not required for license renewal; however, it is mandatory for all REALTOR® members as required by the National Association of REALTORS®.

Any Code of Ethics courses taken with RI REALTORS® and online partnered schools qualify for 3 CORE. Classes taken between May 1st, 2018 and April 30th, 2020 may count towards license renewal. Please refer to your Code of Ethics certificate to confirm whether CE’s were approved.

Check your Code of Ethics status with NAR or please contact your local board for questions about Code of Ethics.

If I take more than 24 CEs, will those count towards the 2022 renewal deadline?
No. CEs do not rollover.

If I take over 6 CORE, will they be counted towards the total 24 needed to renew?
Yes. Any CORE CE taken will count towards the 24, you need a minimum of 6 for renewal.

I received my license prior to November 3rd, 2019, do I need to take all 24 hours of CE?
Yes. Only those who received a license after November 3rd, 2019 do not need to take 24 hours of CE. Under RIGL 5-20.5-6(b) -Initial licenses approved within 180 days of the expiration date are not subject to CE requirement for that first renewal.

Do I need to send RIAR my certificates from online schools or schools other than RIAR?
No. Renewal is all handled through the RI Department of Business Regulations. You should be saving all certificates either physically or digitally in a central place as you will need a digital copy of each certificate when renewing your license. It is important to save these certificates for your records.

I’ve lost a certificate, how do I get a new one?
RI REALTORS® can ONLY provide certificates for classes taken with us. There are many real estate schools in Rhode Island, if you are in need of a certificate for a class taken with another school please contact that school directly. To request a digital copy of a certificate for a class taken with RI REALTORS®, please contact *Fees may apply*. Depending on the demand for digital copies, this may take 2 – 3 business days.

How do I make sure DBR has my up to date information (email/address)? If your information has changed with DBR, you will want to make sure the email and other information is up to date here:

Once I’m ready to renew, what is my next step?
By Tuesday, February 4th, The RI Department of Business Regulation (DBR) should have sent you a renewal letter via email with a credential number, pin, and a quick link to get started. Once you receive your credentials, follow the link and click on the red Quick Renewal button. You will be able to view a step-by-step, Real Estate Salespersons Quick Renewal Overview. If you did not receive a renewal letter with your PIN from the Department of Business Regulations please check your spam/junk folder. You may also update your email at to receive your letter with login credentials within six weeks. Learn more about quick renewal.

Do I need to send RIAR my certificates from online schools or schools other than RIAR?
No. Renewal is all done through the RI Department of Business Regulations. We recommend that you save all certificates, either physically or digitally, in order to access them easily as DBR will require that you submit a list of the classes taken, course IDs and dates. It is also important to save certificates as DBR may potentially randomly audit licensees for certificate proof during the next cycle.

How do I make sure DBR has my up to date information (email/address)?
If your information has changed with DBR, you will want to make sure the email and other information is up to date here:

Where do I see all the CE classes I’ve taken?
RI REALTORS® members can log into the Gateway/Dashboard and select ‘Member Services’ > ‘Education Information’ > ‘Classes You Have Taken’ to view Credits and Completion dates for courses that were taken with RI REALTORS® only. If you have taken CEs with schools other than RIAR they will not display here.

Is there a central place I can go to see the classes I’ve taken at different schools?
No. Not in Rhode Island.

How can I verify that the school I took a CE course with is approved in RI?
To help you find schools and courses that are approved for CE renewal in Rhode Island, DBR has posted a list on their website.

How can I see if a class is CORE or not?
At RI REALTORS®, this is indicated in class descriptions or as part of the title. Class certificates will also state whether the class is CORE or not.

How do I check if a class is running in inclement weather?
RI REALTORS® has an inclement weather hotline where a recorded message will be updated in the event of a cancelation due to weather at 401-432-6950. Closings will also be posted on local news outlets with other area school closings listed as the Rhode Island Association of REALTORS®. You can also sign up for text alerts for specific classes you are registered for here.

I took the same course at RI REALTORS® before April 30th, 2018. Am I able to receive credit if I take it now?
Yes. If the course was taken prior to April 30th, 2018 you will be able to take it again and count it towards April 30th, 2020 renewal.

RI REALTORS® is offering a class with the same name that I took with another school, can I get CEs in RI?
The school and course must both be listed on DBR’s list of approved schools and courses in order to receive CE.

I would like to get my brokers license within the next 4 years, can I count classes I take now towards renewal 2020 and towards my broker 90?
Yes. Classes that count towards the broker 90 are highlighted in yellow on the RI REALTORS® education calendar. View a full list of approved broker classes here.

Where can I see what online schools you are affiliated with?
View affiliated online schools here. In order to receive CE for a class using an online school, both the school and course must be approved by DBR and on their education list.

I have a reciprocal license in Connecticut, do I have to take additional CE’s?
Connecticut does not exempt anyone from the completion of Connecticut specific continuing education. Visit the Connecticut State Department of Consumer Protection website to verify that you’re meeting all continuing education requirements.

What happens if you miss a class that meets multiple days?
Anyone who arrives more than 10 minutes past the class start will not receive credit. If you arrive late to a class or miss a class that meets more than one session, you will need to make up that class the next time it is offered. It is up to the student to check the calendar and alert RI REALTORS® staff about makeups.

I forgot to sign the sign-in sheet, how do I get credit for attending?
Signing in on the sign-in sheet in class is the only way to receive credit. If you do not sign-in on the sign-in sheet you will not receive credit and will be given an incomplete.

I did not show up to class, how do I get a refund?
No refunds are given to no-shows if RI REALTORS® is not contacted prior to the class. In the case of an emergency, at the discretion of the director, monies paid may be applied to another upcoming course.

How do I renew my license?
You can renew online with the Rhode Island Department of Business Regulations.

Once I renew, when will I receive my license from DBR?
Once you renew and submit your certificates, licenses will be sent out once a week by email on Fridays by the Department of Business Regulations.


Have additional questions? Contact the RI REALTORS® Professional Development Center at, 401-785-9898 option 1 or visit us in the lobby at 100 Bignall Street in Warwick.