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We are Moving to Matrix! Will you be ready?

As we work to bring you Matrix, the most robust and efficient MLS system available, we will be offering tips over the next few months that will help make a smooth migration of your data to this new platform. Additionally, we’ll be giving you a preview of the new and exciting changes that are ahead, like “5 Reasons to Love Matrix”

Tip #1 – Clean up those Contacts!

Making a move is the perfect time to clean house, so let’s start with your Fusion contact list!

Prior to moving your contact list to Matrix, you should:

  1. Remove any contacts that are cluttering up your contact closet!
  2. Update any contacts that you want to migrate by making sure that the following unique required fields are included:
    • First Name
    • Last Name
    • Email(s)
  3. Complete any of the non-required fields to be converted if you have the information. Fields that will be converted from Fusion are:
    • Title
    • Category
    • Salutation
    • Phone(s) Home, Work, Cell & Business Fax
    • Street Address
    • City
    • State
    • Zip Code
  4. Contact sections/fields that are NOT being converted from Fusion!
    • Contact Information section
      • Status
      • Pager
      • Partner’s First Name & Last Name
      • Mailing Label
      • Other Phone 1
      • Other Phone 2
    • Summary Comments
    • Work Address section – No fields from this section are being migrated
    • Other Address section – No fields from this section are being migrated
    • Tracking Information section – No fields from this section are being migrated
    • Notes
    • Contact’s Preferences – No fields from this section are being migrated
    • Contact’s Personal Information – No fields from this section are being migrated
  5. After you have cleaned your contact closet and you wish to retain any information that is not converted to Matrix, you will need Export a copy of your Contacts using the following steps:
    • Open Fusion
    • Click on “Contacts”
    • Select “Full Export” which contains all the available fields or you can customize your own grid in Grid Manager(see instructions below)
    • Click on “Tools” and select “Export”
      • In the “Contact Data Export” window select:
      • Select export grid format – Full Export
      • Check Include Column Headers?
      • Click OK
      • Save or Save As when prompted to save your export. Make sure you know the location on your computer where you are saving the file.
  6. If you need assistance contact RIAR/MLS Support 401-432-6905 or 401-785-9898 option 3

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